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Maybe its a sign.

Jeremy got handed his walking papers today at work. They have a new superintendent who decided to cut about 10 positions at the school for next year due to budget cuts, and as he was the last person hired, he's one of the 10.

I still haven't found any credible leads yet. I've applied all over the place, but the fact is there just aren't that many jobs in my field right now.. It's highly competitive and I'm fresh out of school. I've been praying about it. Asking for a sign of some sort. Maybe this is it?

I remember sitting and thinking the other night about moving to my dads in June to save money, but I couldn't stomach leaving here, with Jeremy having a decent job here. Especially leaving his insurance. But with all that gone after August.. what is there to keep up here? I think we just start looking for jobs and whoever finds one 1st, thats where we go.

This just sooo fucking sucks.



I think we're on the same wavelength! Hahaha.. I love Andy Samberg!!

"... when bruce willis was dead at the end of sixth sense..."


Back to the grindstone..

No,  not work. :)

We're back to dieting. Low-carb to be more specific. I always fall back on the low carb stuff cause its proven to work in the past, and there are ways to make it into a lifestyle instead of just going back to eating like we always have and gain it all back.

Went grocery shopping last night and didn't spend as much as I thought we would when stocking up on meat. Caught a couple of good sales so that helped. We'd planned on starting the diet yesterday, but I was too tired to go shopping on Sunday.

I figured I had to do something about the diet, seeing as how its not feasible to get to the gym 4 days a week with the kids and all. I either have to go all out on exercise, or diet. Looks like its gung ho on the diet then! I thought about buying an ellipitcal machine, but I've no clue where I'd put it, plus the one I want is like $600 bucks and I've got better things to buy than that. Especially with me not working yet. Maybe when I get a job and we move into something bigger we can splurge on one. But until then we'll be walking at the track as much as we can and possibly I can try to work in a few workout videos while the girls are out of my hair. We'll see....

So there it is. Our diet has begun!!!


Abby pics!!

Without further ado...

Later, I'll upload the more recent pics of Abby and compare them to Ellery's baby pics. I swear, Abby and Ellery look just alike. Cept maybe Abby doesn't have my nose. :)


Jobs? There are jobs out there?

Apparently.. somewhere.

I'm ready to move, but I'm not sure how to go about interviewing and moving and stuff for a job out of state. I've started applying for jobs, cause I wanna beat the rush of kids who will be graduating in May. But I won't be able to move until like the end of May.

I'm gonna try not to stress over this. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. If its meant to be .. it will be. If we're meant to move out of state, then I'll get the job and it will all work out. If not, then we weren't meant to be there.

Oh! And we sold the car. YaY's!


Abby Dabby Doo!

My little baby is already growing and getting sooo freakin' big! Its so sad!!!!!

Like already I can look at pics we took the few days after we first brought her home from the hospital, and she looks so much bigger now. She's only 3 weeks old, I shouldn't be having the 'omg, my baby is getting so big' moments already. I'm not like, sad sad, but still.. it kinda shocked me.

I should post pics on here.. but I'm not even sure I know how. Ha!



Let me just say my mother in law just irks me!

Yesterday she came over to visit and we were telling her about Abby's weird schedule. How she has been waking up around 9pm and staying awake until midnight or so, which doesn't bother us. We'd rather she'd be awake then than wake up at 3am like Ellery did. So Rita says it would be better if she woke up earlier in the evening so we could sleep, but we told her we're always up till atleast 11 or so. Then Jeremy told her he was up with her night before last until a quarter after midnight, and she said.. "Well, you shouldn't be staying up with her. You should be getting some sleep. You have to get up in the morning and go to work."

Which is true.. but it just pisses me off that she always thinks Jeremy is bein jipped for doing something for me.

So Jeremy told her that we trade off most nights, but I mostly stay up with the baby. That particular night I went to bed around 10pm while he stayed up with Abby. In her infinite wisdom, she tells me I should nap when the baby does. I laughed at her and said, "You want me to leave Ellery alone in the house while Abby and I sleep?" She seems to forget that I have a 3 year old running around who doesn't believe in naps. So once Ellery wakes up, I'm up for the day, regardless of how little sleep I've had. Normally I go to bed around midnight, when Abby finally goes down. Then I'm back up around 4am for atleast 30-45 minutes. Then I get back to sleep and might get another 3 hours before Ellery or Abby wakes me up. I never get to sleep past 9, so maybe on a good night I might get almost 8 hours, which I don't complain about at all. But thats not most nights.

Last night I fell asleep around midnight but Abby was back up around 1. Got back to sleep right before 2, but was back up at 4 and didn't get back to sleep till a little after 5. Then Abby was up again around 7 and I might have gotten another hour and a half of sleep before Ellery woke me up. So yeah... Jeremy tries to help out when he can, and his mom thinks bad of me.


Also, in the same vein.. she always asks Jeremy how long he drove when we make the trip home. Then she asks if I plan on driving any. And if she learns that Jeremy drove all the way, like he did on the way back Sunday cause I was dealing with the girls, she kinda makes a deal out of it.


I don't get it. I really don't. What does she care?

YaY's are in order

In 3 weeks I've gotten down to my pre-pregnancy weight. The official weight that I last remember weighing in at, before going to the dr's office. They ended up weighing me in at like 4 pounds more than I should have started at, but then again, I was 12 weeks pregnant when they 1st weighed me, and I had been eating like a cow!

So I'm bummed I'm not 10 pounds lighter like I was with Ellery, but I'll get there. Not really on a 'diet' right now, cause I don't even really have time to eat normal meals. I'm lucky if I eat two actual meals. Yesterday I had a snackwrap for breakfast/lunch then chicken, yellow rice and fried okra for dinner. Add in a chocolate shake I made for dessert and you have my daily food consumption!

I had cheese sticks for breakfast, and I more than likely won't eat again until dinner. So 600 calories worth of cheese isn't so bad. It has calcium! hahaha


Getting on the bandwagon

I think I'm about done with the almost instant weight loss from having the baby. I'm 2 pounds shy of what I think I was when I got pregnant, but about 2 pounds lighter than I was at my 1st visit at the dr's office. But still about 60 pounds from where I want to be.. atleast realisticly anyways. I could do to loose about 80-100 pounds I'm sure, but who wants to be a skinny bitch? :)

I just want to be healthy, and before I got pregnant, I was actually doing a good job of getting back into shape. Going to the gym 4 days a week, eating better. But unfortunetly (fortunetly?) I have PCOS and one of the ways to keep PCOS under control is through diet and exercise. And because I was dieting and exercising, I got pregnant. So this time.. we will be protecting ourselves heavily until he has his appointment with his doctor to get the big snip!!!

No more babies for us!!!!

So yeah,... I'm eventually gonna work on losing weight. I'm kinda short on funds until we sell the car. Paying a big car note with me not having a job kinda puts us in a bind, but we had to have a bigger car.. so what do you do? But once we get some extra funds we can stock up on 'diet' food, but until then I just wont eat as much, which hasn't been a problem since I had Abby. That and once it starts to warm up more, I plan on getting the girls out to go walking in the stroller. I might as well do something productive before I start working again!