My Life in a Box

Who Knew Words Had Such Meaning?

I'm happy..

This small fact seems to aggravate the hell out of some people. I can't help that I'm happy.
I'm a happy person. I live my life for noone but myself, and my family.

If I meet you on the street, I will have a smile for you.
Maybe its not cool to be happy, but I don't care.

I like being me.
I like being happy.
I like making my husband smile.
I love my children.
I adore my husband.
I am a sarcastic ass.. my sense of humor might insult you. Here is a hint.. *don't take it to heart*
I use alot of ... in my posts. I type how I think. If I pause ... that happens.
I use proper grammar at all times possible.
I use punctuation and capitalize correct words. It's a simple process really, pick up on it.
I don't judge ppl. I'm pro-gay rights, a democrat (obviously), and a wanna-be hippie.
I believe in global warming.. meaning I believe it exists and we created it.
I also believe that we MUST do something to fight it.
I would run Al Gore's campaign for him (and suck at it most likely) if he ran for Prez in 08.
I am currently on a diet.. but who isn't?

I appreciate my friends. I may not always be the bestest friend.
I get busy. I forget. I apologize.
But my friends know I don't mean any harm.
They still love me.
If you don't.. you're not my friend obviously.

I complain alot. I'm a critical person. I talk about people, I'm human.
I like to talk about my life. That's what I do on LJ.
I talk about what's going on with me.
Maybe it bores some people.
I don't care...

It's my journal.. It's my life.

It's therapeutic. And it's a hell of alot cheaper than going to therapy. :D

Also.. I'm currently enrolled *finally* in a Radiology program through Marshall University. So I'm apt to ramble on about my professors, exams, and other obscure terms that you may or may not understand. Please note that I am not crazy. Right now, its the second most time consuming and most influential thing going on for me and my family. Its a big part of my life for the next two years. Wish me luck!!

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